It’s Mother’s Day. This post is not about Mother’s Day.

It’s been a while since my last post so let’s see if I can bang one out really quick while the children are napping and the wife enjoys the sun with a beer. Don’t worry, I’ve got one too🙂

Since the last time I’ve pretty much completed my ranch. There’s more that I could do but it’s in a pretty good place with most of the functional structures I need.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-05 12-39-34

This is pretty much it except for the cow pasture that’s not being rendered in the upper right. I think it retains a nice Old West ranch feel.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-06 22-00-03

My favorite place to watch the sun come up.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-06 22-00-22

This was to be my egg farm. Turns out birds hate being captive. They just fly and fly and fly looking for escape, never landing to lay eggs. For a while I thought maybe I’d just keep the ravens like some sort of Game of Thrones messenger system but now I’m thinking I need a greenhouse like this guy’s over on TouchArcade.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-06 22-00-39

Here’s my horse corral. Two seems to be the magic number. Whenever I have 3 in one of them seems to escape. It’s not enough of a problem that I want to make an ugly two high fence.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-06 22-01-05

Since camels can’t jump fences I had to make a stable for them. (Or I could’ve just waited until 1.22 when Kaalus adds the fence gates…) These are a good design because they can’t jump out but when I ride in I get pushed off the camel and the camel continues to walk in while I close the gates (trapdoors) behind it. Auto dismount, baby🙂

Survivalcraft 2013-05-06 22-01-28

I put this right next to my cow pasture. It’s got a crafting table and a bunch of chests. In the crafting table are 3 full stacks of copper ingots so that I can grab new buckets which I’ve been slowly filling with milk. There’s almost 3 chests full of milk currently. When I saw that hunger was coming to 1.22 I thought I’d better be prepared.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-06 22-01-36

And these are my cows. I dug the earth down one so that they don’t escape. Prior to doing so half of my cows jumped over the fence. I’ve had a few bulls in there but there’s a real pain in the ass when milking so they don’t last long before I slaughter them.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-02 21-40-04

To get them in I made a grass trap covered pit just outside the fence with a tunnel and stairs that lead back into the pasture covered my an electrically operated trapdoor-door.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-09 13-49-33

I’ve dug some long tunnels extending from my basement and ended up with a lot of cobblestone. So I’ve begun construction on this large stone robot sorta looking dude. My 4yr old is the artist of the family, so don’t expect too much out of him but I’ll probably add some details like flashing LEDs or flaming coal blocks. You know, plus a head and the rest of his right arm. Eventually.

My time to write this is running short already so I’m just going to jam a couple screenshots out. If I was really on it I’d have taken shots just for the blog but as it these are ones that I find on my phone that I take randomly while I’m playing.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-10 21-42-07

Horses attract other horses. Cool, huh? If you keep a horse in a pen and make it accessible to horses outside they will climb right on in.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-11 20-58-21

This is where I’m focusing my building on now. It’s this fantastic lush, plain over the tundra and past the mountains to the North of my ranch. It’s plentiful in horses, boars, cattle, giraffes, and wildlife of all kinds. I’m not exactly sure where this structure is going but I’ve been enjoying building it. Since this I’ve planted a ring of oaks which almost all sprouted due to balmy climate.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-20 15-32-31

Proof that I haven’t just been hiding at home building. I’ve been adventuring too🙂

Survivalcraft 2013-05-04 09-13-54

I liked how the cold strip made this ice bridge.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-04 14-04-09

A large tunnel I blew through this mountain. Just for s n gs.

Survivalcraft 2013-05-10 21-49-23

Not even a single piece of leather. I’m beginning to think maybe I should stop killing them.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-30 14-44-11

I spent a fair amount of time building this “highway” through the mountains to the west of my ranch. It goes a couple miles and I can gallop along it on my horse with ease.

Well, that’s all for now. Of course you can find me expressing more SC related opinion over on Reddit until next post. And if you’re into Let’s Plays and/or YouTube make sure and check out CueBunny’s series on Survivalcraft.


EDIT: Man, this was a sloppy post. I’m going to let the typos stay. It’s the honorable lazy way.


Oh shit, I forgot a title

I started a new world in Challenging mode. I usually start over with each update. Not for any good reason, just because my brain tells me to. I’ve had worlds with chests full of diamonds and builds that I spent hours making but something always compels me to start over.

I was glad I did. Thanks to the changes Kaalus made to terrain generation I was marooned on an expansive plain, reminiscent of Nebraska, perfect for this cowboy themed update.

I’ve heard it said that a sculptor doesn’t make the stone into anything, he merely releases the form that was trapped inside. I saw a sod house. A humble brick with grass on the roof.


Ravens were everywhere but cattle was rare and horses were absent. Far to the south across a whole lot of flat nothing were snowy mountains with ore rich cave systems. To the north was a forest. Westward led eventually to deserts.

I strayed from my homestead when I needed resources but always returned to my dirt home. I liked it. It was quiet and peaceful. Completely unlike real life. In real life I’m a full time Daddy. Three children under the age of 4 require me to be on call day and night. In Survivalcraft I’m alone. In Survivalcraft there are no tiny tyrants demanding my attention.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-18 14-22-00

Once I had enough leather I struck out West seeking a mount. I walked for a full day before I came upon a camel herd in the desert. Getting back was a little hairy but thanks to my steed we survived and made it home.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-17 22-33-18

When dawn broke I set to work building a pen to keep my camel from wandering off. This proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. The camel can’t jump over fences, like the horse. So I needed a gate. There are no fence gates in the game. I could’ve used regular doors but that didn’t please me. (Visually, that is.) I experimented with trapdoors placed so as to make gates but hated every design I produced. A combination of the camel not jumping over fences, the rider sitting extra high and needing a high doorway, and there being no fence gates caused me to abandon the project. A couple days later the bastard ran off while I was exploring a cave so the problem kind of cleared itself up. Once I get the motivation up again I think I will use this design that I found on Reddit:

I needed a mount. I could not build the ranch I imagined without a mount to herd cattle. Hoping to find a horse this time I set off north. I had to walk for most of the day and kill several hostile beasts on the way before I spotted her. She was beautiful. Sleek and black.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-18 13-48-20

I was so careful riding her back. Slopes I descend ever so slowly, one block at a time, fearing guiding my mare off a cliff to her death. Once home I posed proudly with my new friend.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-18 13-57-40

Then when I dismounted my horse vanished! I looked all over and blew my whistle, thinking that maybe she had just run away really really fast. Nothing. Then I noticed the saddle and piece of leather on the ground. Apparently I had killed her. I was perturbed but chalked it up to rookie mistake. I must’ve dismounted too close to the fence or something. I went inside to sleep and when the sun rose I again set off north. Again I found a black horse and guided her back. This time I was away from my fence when I dismounted. Same thing!! Houston, we’ve got exploding horses here! Turns out it’s a bug and Kaalus has fixed it with the latest update. (Fingers crossed)

Leaving off the horse problem for now I went lumber-jacking. Built a snug little woodsmen’s hut. Gathered enough wood to build a large stockade. This is me replanting the forest:

Survivalcraft 2013-04-18 21-35-39

And this is me putting up fence, complete with stone pillars at the corners to catch lightning.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-19 13-06-58

Survivalcraft Protip: Always have a stack of leaves. Such a quick and easy house, barrier, or scaffolding.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-19 13-08-53

This is me dicking around trying to install stadium lighting. Ultimately I want it to be triggered at sunset by photodiodes but for now I hoping to just jury rig something up. Note the use of leaves🙂

Survivalcraft 2013-04-19 13-21-54

I’m not happy with the result so I’m just going to focus on something else right now. I may just stick some wicker lamps on the poles and call it done. (The ugly stone block on the top is so lightning doesn’t destroy the electrics. We need some lightning rods that’ll look better)

Survivalcraft 2013-04-19 13-28-49

Now, as you can probably tell from the quality dropoff, I’m tired of typing words and shit. My amazing wife has taken the kids for an outing and has left me time to relax and recover my sanity. I’m thinking a Bloody Mary and some super loud and offensive hip-hop. Thanks for reading!

Everything was going great until I died

I was doing pretty well. Over 2 weeks in and I was settling into my new home nicely.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 09-39-21

I made daily patrols of the area, killing all dangerous animals found.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 21-21-19

The mine I started in my underground home quickly yielded generous amounts of iron, coal, and clay.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 21-29-15 Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 21-34-31 Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 21-33-35

Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 10-14-39

I had time to construct a decent watchtower on a nearby hill.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 09-47-26 Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 09-48-42

Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 10-05-26

Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 10-32-54 Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 10-38-56 Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 22-02-52

I set up torches on the perimeter so I didn’t get lost.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-13 09-30-14

I ranged a moderate distance from my home in all directions and encountered many wild beasts but always prevailed.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 22-24-21

Even when I stupidly tried to return home after sunset.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 22-32-23

Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 22-34-06

On one of my treks I discovered a cave abundant in iron, coal, sulfur, malachite, and geranium.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-14 13-53-56 Survivalcraft 2013-04-14 13-56-18 Survivalcraft 2013-04-14 14-18-01

Enough to last me for the next couple years.


My pack bursting with my bounty I set off on the perilous journey back to home base.

Survivalcraft 2013-04-14 14-50-06

I decided that the safest way would be an all out sprint, stopping for nothing. I was within sight of the torch markers I had set when I ran by the bear. He gave chase. I could hear him behind me but I had a comfortable lead and I could see my home up ahead. Not to waste a perfect photo opportunity I switched to 3rd person hoping to catch a shot of the bear behind me and my home ahead (wouldn’t that have been an exciting shot?). I don’t use 3rd person much, only for photos. That’s probably why I suddenly found myself stuck, unable to move. I tried to cycle back to 1st person but it was too late. It only took two hits from the bear. I was dead.


I watched as I lay lifeless in the dirt. Eventually the bear grew bored and wandered away. Rain began to fall on my body. And fall. It rained for the rest of the day while I watched in shock. Night came and still I lay there. Dead.

Screenshot_2013-04-14-14-51-50 Screenshot_2013-04-14-14-52-18 Screenshot_2013-04-14-14-56-34 Screenshot_2013-04-14-14-57-23 Screenshot_2013-04-14-14-58-44

A measly 18 days.




And this was my face

Survivalcraft 2013-04-12 21-48-22

Who wants to see my slides from Survivalcraft?


This gallery contains 92 photos.

Sorry for the lack of follow thru on my Survivalcraft challenge. I blame my 3 kids, wife, and Ninja Village. I will continue sometime but for now I thought we could indulge in some Survivalcraft nostalgia. So, here’s some pictures: … Continue reading

Day 3: Hole sweet hole


I woke in darkness with the sound of rain above. The drops reminded me of dirt on a casket and, panicked, I clawed my way up, through the dirt and mud until I saw daylight.


Not that there was much of it. If I was going to be here for a while I’d have to find a dryer area to make my homestead. Or steal the skin of a seal.


Turning around I was surprised to find another warthog quietly watching me. Maybe I should have let him be. He didn’t appear to bear me any ill will and I had enough food for now. Maybe that’s why my wooden machete snapped in half upon impact with the poor beast’s thick skull.


Not that it phased him any. Without changing expression he lowered his head and charged. It was little more than luck that allowed me to keep out of goring range long enough to grab hold of my wooden ax and hack off small chunks of flesh until he bled out.


Weary from the battle I was forced to choke down the last of the pumpkin. Which was fine by me, I didn’t intend to eat pumpkin ever again. Top item on today’s agenda was to cook this meat before it spoiled.


Returning to my “hole sweet hole” I spied a wolf on the overlooking hill. Knowing that I didn’t have much time before my scent attracted his attention I quickly gathered some wood.



After the fight with the warthog my ax wasn’t holding up too well and soon shattered.


Wolfy was closer now. Not wanting to try my luck against him armed with just my wooden pickaxe I jumped into my hole, pulling the dirt over me. I remained completely silent as I heard the low growl of a wolf stalking above me.


After he lost interest I set to work digging out the dirt around me. With no torch I worked in blackness, separating chunks of granite from the soil by feel.


Once I had found enough stones I replaced my lost weapons with ones made of stone and constructed a makeshift furnace. Right now I only needed it to cook my kills but I had seen traces of iron ore in the soil so made the furnace big enough for both cooking and smelting.


As the meat cooked I had time to think.


I had always been organized. Meticulous. A maker of lists and alphabetizer of books. Even as a child it was generally understood that I would become a man of learning, destined for the Academy. My parents just knew I would change the world for the better. That’s what I thought I was doing. Making the world a better place…


The howling of wolves jolted me out of my reviere. The sun must’ve set hours ago. After spreading a bed of leaves on the stone floor I laid down and closed my eyes. Sleep was immediate.


Day 2: I’m going to need more spears


I woke up hungry and sore. Despite the uncomfortable bedding I had slept until almost 10 o’clock. I had wasted enough daylight and needed to concentrate on surviving.


Luckily (for plot purposes) I’m an expert at making shit out of wood and stones and other pieces of my environment. I could hear the snorts and puffs of cattle below my tree and began to make plans to secure a steak ‘n steak breakfast.


With cows I figure it’s prison rules, so that if I just take out the bull the heifers won’t put up a fight.


Just as I’m about to let my spear fly a second bull wanders into view. Crap! This isn’t good. I’m in no shape to take on two half-ton bulls with wooden weapons and a fortress made out of leaves. But neither can I stay in this tree waiting for mana from above. Cautiously I drop down from the tree and attempt to steady my breathing lest the herd should sense my fear.


There are cows everywhere! But I dare not attack, I count at least four fully grown males keeping guard over the females. I head inland hoping for easier pray.


Aha, a bird! This should be easy!


Yeah… It wasn’t. I managed to whack it once with my wooden “sword” but it barely wobbled in it’s flight and I expended way too much energy and time chasing it for no gain.


Okay, and that’s a wolf. I hate this place. I hate this place so much.


I’ve never had much of a spiritual side but hunger can cause some strange thoughts. There was no doubt in my mind that the boar had been sent to me. Someone or something wanted me to survive. There was a reason I had been castaway


[Note: I don’t normally use spears in Survivalcraft. The first game I crafted a stone spear, threw it at a stone wall and it bounced back and killed me. Dead. I haven’t used them since. But for this adventure one of my tasks is that I am going to master the spear. There must be a reason Kaalus has included them despite most players seeming to hate them]


My spear did land true but the crude wooden weapon barely glanced off the boar’s tough hide. With a challenging snort he charges straight towards me! Stumbling backwards I fumble for my sword. I am no longer certain of divine protection.


I get my weapon out just as the boar closes the distance and attempts to disembowel me with his jagged tusks. He gets in a few good blows to my ribs but I’ve been through too much be killed by a damn pig.


I don’t know long I blacked out. When I came to my sword arm was sore and the boar’s skull was no longer recognizable, just a pile of brains and bone shards. My kill had attracted unwelcome company.


I had no fear of the wolf this time. I felt nothing. I was a killer. Blood welled from a half dozen bites but I prevailed. I was the top of the food chain. Or so I thought…


I had only been able to salvage one piece of meat from the boar and had no way to cook it. Saving the meat for later I grimaced and choked down some pumpkin. The battle had left my energy half depleted and I had to recover somehow.


The sun is beginning to set. I’m going to have to find someplace to hole up for the night. Quickly.


“Hole up”, eh? That’s what I’m going to do alright.


I look at the sky from within my makeshift den one last time before pulling dirt over me. I hope that I wake to see the sky again in the morning.


Whoa… Big Time.

This is my first blog. I never really intended people to read it. (With posts like this they sure won’t, hi-oooooo!!!) I quite enjoyed my first post and approximately 2 other people seem to have as well. I got an email that said someone had subscribed to my posts and would get an email every time I published a new post. Yikes! Makes me wonder if what I’m posting is worthy of blowing up someone’s inbox. On the other hand… that’s your problem, not mine😛

Like I said, I liked my first post. I hope that future posts are decent as well. But I make no promises. I like playing Survivalcraft with an audience in mind. I hope that it encourages me to do more fun/epic things instead of just resource hoarding. Again, no promises. I’ve also got other interests, 3 kids below the age of 5, a wife, and a handful of real life friends. So if you leave the blog for a while to come back and find it abandoned or devoted to Munchkin cards or featuring 101 tips on making the perfect stock, try not to be too disappointed.

Don’t worry, HeadBurro Antfarm doesn’t look like he’s quitting anytime soon. Of course, if you follow me you probably already follow him. He’s got a good blog and is the main reason I started mine.

*I don’t know what post type “aside” does but it sounds appropriate so here goes..